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Reverse Lasted Orthopedic Sandals – 817-350


Product Description

Reverse Lasted Footwear

Reverse Lasted correction footwear is specifically engineered to address feet with extreme varus and/or adduction issues.


  1. Special Last Shape: The footwear employs a unique last shape to facilitate correction by preventing further progression into adduction.

  2. Special Inlay: Inside the shoe, a special inlay, combined with an extended medial stiffener, creates a curved wall in conjunction with the toe cap. This configuration effectively impedes foot adduction while stimulating abduction.

Recommended for:

  1. Clubfoot: Ideal for individuals with clubfoot conditions, aiding in the normalization of foot development.

  2. Significant Varus and/or Adduction: Suited for cases involving pronounced varus and/or adduction of the foot.

  3. Upper Tarsal Joint Position Correction (Pes Equino-Varus): Helps correct the peak position in the upper tarsal joint.

  4. Varus Tilting Correction (Pes Varus): Addresses varus tilting in the lower tarsal joint and the further metatarsal area.

  5. Abduction Stimulation: Promotes abduction of the mid and forefoot, facilitating natural foot movement.

  6. Post-operative Clubfoot Stabilization: Provides stability for post-operative clubfoot conditions.

  7. Toe-Off Improvement: Aids in improving the toe-off phase of gait, enhancing overall mobility and function.


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