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PU Kids Orthotic High Arch Support Insole - Respro Insole for Children Orthopedic Shoes


Product Description

Kids Orthotic High Arch Support Insole - Respro Insole for Children Orthopedic Shoes

Product Description:

Product Name: Respro Insole for Children Orthopedic Shoes, Respro Insole, Resist Pronation Inlay, Children Orthotic Insole


  • Highly Effective Stability Device: Ensures superior stability for developing feet.

  • Deep Heel Cup with Flat Base: Provides a secure fit and stable foundation for proper alignment.

  • Medium Height Arch Profile: Offers optimal high arch support for growing feet.

  • Slim Design, Easy to Fit: Streamlined profile for simple insertion into kids' shoes.

  • Customizable Length: Adjustable and tailor-made to fit individual foot length.

  • Multilayer Design with Soft Flexible Edges: Enhances comfort and flexibility for active youngsters.

  • Durable, Washable & Crack Resistant: Long-lasting and easy to clean for active play.

  • Slightly Flexible and Heat Mouldable: Provides flexibility for natural movement and can be heat-molded for personalized comfort.


  • Top Cover: Soft, washable suedette for gentle contact with delicate feet.

  • Mid Layer: Thin 2mm cushioning TPE for added support and comfort.

  • Shell: 1.5mm durable thermoplastic for reliable strength and longevity.


  • Hypermobility: Addresses the specific needs of hypermobile young feet.

  • Excessive Pronation: Controls pronation for healthy foot development.

  • Medium to Low Natural Arch Profile: Suitable for various arch types in growing children.

  • Control Forefoot Abduction (in Excessive Pronation): Promotes proper alignment during activities.

  • Talo-navicular Control: Supports the talo-navicular joint for stability.

High Arch Support Insole:

  • Available Sizes: EU SIZE 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40

Service & Advantage:

  • Quality is assured through our QC staff's inspection before packaging.

  • Our knowledgeable staff is ready to promptly address your inquiries about our products.

  • Sample customization is warmly welcomed.

  • Our mission is to fulfill customers' needs by providing tailored products and fostering long-term relationships.

  • OEM welcomed; customer's brand can be accommodated.

  • All product images depict actual items.

  • Quantity discounts are available.

  • We offer the best quality products at reasonable prices, striving for mutual benefit.

Please feel free to inform us of any specific preferences or further adjustments you require!

Jianxing Shoe Co., Ltd, is a professional manufacturer engaged in the research, development, production, sale and service of medical footwear and orthopedic products.

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